When ANGER Breeds Across Generations


Many people who grew up experiencing adversities in childhood believe the LIE that ANGER gives us control, when, in fact, it is the exact opposite – it leads to loss of control. Here, I want to share part of the story of Jeremy – a young man who began his life believing this LIE. He […]

Domestic Violence and the Lies We Learn

Domestic violence is not a comfortable subject and those of us who grew up living with domestic violence, learned it was easier to stay silent most of the time. However this is one of many lies we learned, now it’s time to embrace the truth. When we do, we set ourselves free of our past, […]

Control the Meaning of your Childhood – Especially in Homes with Domestic Violence


Control the Meaning (Part 2 of 2) A technique you can use to help you control the meaning is DATA: decide, ask, truth, act Decide: Decide what you are feeling.  Recognize and identify your emotions by asking, “What exactly am I feeling?” Let’s use, for example, anger. Ask yourself “What else can I assume about […]