My 6-Week Personal Battle with the LIE that I Have to EARN My Children’s Love

Sad child not connecting with parent

Because I faced adversity in childhood, including growing up in a home with violence where I didn’t feel or understand love, for a long time, I believed I had to EARN the love of my own children. I now know I don’t. And neither do you, if you, like me, held this belief. The idea […]

Independence vs Freedom from the LIES of CDV

Driving on empty road towards the sun

Some children learn fierce independence growing up with domestic violence. But being independent is not the same as being free from the Lies learned in that home. They learn at an early age to rely exclusively on themselves and no one else Often stuck in a physical environment that is violent, stressful, and painful, these children […]

What is the one truth I must know if I experienced Childhood Domestic Violence – CDV


“The worst guilt to accept is an undeserved guilt.” -Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged. If you grew up living with domestic violence it is highly likely that you carry with you a false sense of guilt—a false sense of shame. You believe that you are somehow guilty or that you have something to be ashamed of. […]