The Impact Adversity in Your Childhood Home Has on Your Pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness


Our founding fathers believed everyone was “endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights; among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” This principle also applies to anyone who grew up facing adversity in their childhood home. But, while we may have been “endowed” with these rights at birth, the home we grow […]

Time to Break Free of the LIE Learned Growing Up with CDV that You’re FEARFUL


For a child who grows up experiencing adversities in childhood, FEAR often dominates that young person’s view of the world—a worldview that is often carried forward into adulthood. So, where does the fear originate from? “In a home full of pain, quarreling, or coldness, children are chronically stressed and on guard,” says psychiatrist Sonja Lyubomirsky. […]

Successful, Well Adjusted…and Still Alone After CDV?


Sometimes the loneliest people are the ones you would never suspect are lonely. How could someone surrounded by friends, active in social activities and successful in professional pursuits be disconnected from others or feel emotionally ALONE? People who experience adversity in childhood often live this paradox. As children, they become so good at closing down […]

The Science Behind the Unique Capacity for Compassion You Inherited Growing Up with Domestic Violence


As I mention in my book INVINCIBLE, growing up facing adversity in childhood gives you an exceptional ability to perceive and empathize with what others are feeling. You have a remarkable intuition. And this is not just a blanket statement. It is scientific fact, evidenced in recent neuroimaging research. Abuse and neglect produce long-lasting changes […]

Your Belief That No One Has or Will Ever Love You Isn’t True…and Never Was


When you grow up experiencing childhood adversity, and particularly Childhood Domestic Violence (CDV), you often learn the LIE that you’re UNLOVED. And moreover, you learn to belief that you don’t really want love anyway, because it only leads to violence, pain and suffering. Somewhere along the way, you decided that love just isn’t meant for […]