Growing Up With a Violent Mother


The GUILT and shame we carry after experiencing adversities in childhood can have numerous layers. To help you begin to unravel those layers, I want to share with you the inspirational story of British actor Martin Rayner that I documented in my book, INVINCIBLE. While his journey through toxic shame is extreme, his triumph is […]

The Key to Freeing Yourself from Anger

You can inherit anger as someone who’s grown up with domestic violence, but you can also free yourself from it, by channeling that anger into passion. This replaces negative energy with positive bounty and provides you a different perspective on the world than the one that had been created for you when you were young. That’s […]

Independence vs Freedom from the LIES of CDV

Driving on empty road towards the sun

Some children learn fierce independence growing up with domestic violence. But being independent is not the same as being free from the Lies learned in that home. They learn at an early age to rely exclusively on themselves and no one else Often stuck in a physical environment that is violent, stressful, and painful, these children […]