Your Belief That No One Has or Will Ever Love You Isn’t True…and Never Was


When you grow up experiencing childhood adversity, and particularly Childhood Domestic Violence (CDV), you often learn the LIE that you’re UNLOVED. And moreover, you learn to belief that you don’t really want love anyway, because it only leads to violence, pain and suffering. Somewhere along the way, you decided that love just isn’t meant for […]

The Truth About Hopelessness


We may learn many intense LIES if we experience adversity in our childhood homes – lies that perpetuate powerful negative emotions like anger, depression and resentment that can fuel negative behaviors and in many other ways adversely impact us. One particular lie, however, can slip through the cracks and remain hidden – much as the […]

When ANGER Breeds Across Generations


Many people who grew up experiencing adversities in childhood believe the LIE that ANGER gives us control, when, in fact, it is the exact opposite – it leads to loss of control. Here, I want to share part of the story of Jeremy – a young man who began his life believing this LIE. He […]

The Surprising Origin of Resentment


It is common to feel some sense of RESENTMENT after growing up experiencing adversity in childhood. The origin of your RESENTMENT may surprise you, however. There’s no better way to demonstrate this than through the story of Marina, who survived the bitter resentment towards growing up experiencing adversities in childhood to eventually achieving compassion and […]